Three Fluids to Check this Month


In order to run smoothly, your vehicle’s engine is dependent upon countless moving parts and fluids. Just like the components in your engine, vehicle fluids need to be tended to regularly in order to ensure they’re in good working order and can perform their particular functions at a high level.    With that in mind, Three Fluids to Check this Month

Biggest Driving Distractions


Preventative maintenance is important for keeping your vehicle safely on the road, but just as important is safe driving practices! This includes avoiding driving distractions, which can seem minor but have major consequences…    Hundreds of accidents happen every day and 90% of all car crashes are caused by driver error. Being less than totally Biggest Driving Distractions

Summertime Vehicle Maintenance


Whether you’re about to head up to the mountains, on a lengthy road trip vacation or just around the corner for some ice cream, driving in the summertime can present a set of unique challenges for your vehicle. Intense sunlight, oppressive heat, etc. can take its toll on your car, meaning the more on top Summertime Vehicle Maintenance

Keep it Cool!

air conditioning

As temperatures continue to rise this month and we head towards summertime, you’ll most likely be using your air conditioning system more and more in order to stay comfortable while you’re driving. The one thing you DON’T want to experience this spring/summer is discomfort at the hands of a faulty a/c system! With that in Keep it Cool!