Brake Failure Indicators

brake failure

One of the scariest scenarios that can happen to a driver is brake failure. You do NOT want to be driving down a steep hill and all-of-a-sudden lose your ability to stop.    As such, if you’re a car owner you should always be on the lookout for signs of brake failure, including the following: Brake Failure Indicators

Oil Loss Prevention

oil loss

The vast majority of vehicles on the road today will experience some form of oil loss at some point during their lifespan. More often than not, it’s just usually minor dripping and smaller leaks that are preventable but, sometimes, more significant oil leaks occur which require the attention of an experienced mechanic.    Most commonly, Oil Loss Prevention

Is It Time For A New Car Battery?

car battery

Car batteries are one of the most important components of a vehicle’s engine. It must provide the electricity to start your car and power your accessories. Without a working battery, you’re going nowhere. But how do you know when it’s time for a new car battery? You should always have an one of our certified Is It Time For A New Car Battery?

Steering Wheel Shakes

steering wheel

In an ideal world, when you hit the road in your vehicle the surface you’re driving on is even and smooth and you cruise along without any issues whatsoever. Unfortunately, roads are rarely perfectly smooth and even when they are, you can still have issues steering and navigating the terrain you’re driving on.    The Steering Wheel Shakes

Keep Your Tires in Good Shape

tire maintenance

When it comes to vehicle safety, tires are at or near the top of the Importance List. What many car owners don’t realize however, is that tires require regular maintenance in order to maintain their integrity and keep your vehicle safely on the road. With that in mind, are a few quick tire maintenance tips Keep Your Tires in Good Shape

The Importance of the Timing Belt

timing belt

Like every other component in your vehicle, your timing belt will ultimately wear out and need to be replaced. Waiting until yours is broken to get a new one can highly problematic though; avoiding this scenario is definitely something you want to avoid.    The majority manufacturers recommend that your timing belt be changed out The Importance of the Timing Belt

Time for New Tires?


Trying to figure out when the right time to change your vehicle’s tires can be tough. You obviously don’t want to wait too long and drive around with a dangerously low amount of tread on your tires but you don’t want to get them changed too early either since it can be an expensive undertaking. Time for New Tires?

Making the (Octane) Grade


When you pull into a local gas station in Shelby County to fill your empty tank, it may be tempting to reach for the fuel with the lowest price tag. After all, how can one little number be so important? But reaching for the regular grade isn’t always the right choice. Here are a few Making the (Octane) Grade