What You Need to Know About CNG Conversions

Many cars, trucks, and vans are produced every year, some of which might need compressed natural gas(CNG). After all, according to Zippia, about 9.2 million US cars are produced every year. Converting them to cleaner gas might provide many unique benefits. Compressed natural gas burns much cleaner than regular gas, making it better for the environment. Here is what you need to know about this conversion.

Conversion Requires Work

Completely converting your vehicle isn’t an overnight process. Expect to change your fuel take, your engine, and even more! The benefits here are huge – decreased fuel costs, cleaner fuel burns, and lower maintenance bills – but it takes time and effort to complete conversion.

The price isn’t going to be cheap, but it is affordable considering the benefits. Expect conversion to take at least a week – potentially longer if the parts take a while to arrive. It’s worth it, though, when your engine runs smoothly and with minimal waste issues.

Experts Who Can Help

Don’t just contact your dealer to get a CNG conversion – they might look at you like you have something weird growing out of your forehead! Instead, you must contact a conversion specialist. We get it, they’re not exactly available everywhere. But working with one is worth the effort.

Just imagine trying to convert a vehicle yourself – removing the engine, its fuel lines, and other steps are rather complex, to put it mildly. Even expert dealer mechanics might balk at conversion and kindly ask you to leave their shop. Expertise is key here – your vehicle deserves it!

Fleet Vehicles for Conversion

Conversion isn’t right for every fleet vehicle – and that’s putting it mildly! Only vehicles suitable for natural gas conversion should be considered. We’re talking specialized trucks, hauling equipment, and mechanical equipment. Why shouldn’t you convert traditional cars, trucks, and vans?

It’s not that you can’t – it’s just a little pricey. Furthermore, the benefits aren’t as noticeable on these small vehicles. Put simply – only high-performing mechanical vehicles react well to this conversion.

CNG conversion remains a challenging topic, one that requires a careful approach. Don’t get discouraged! Our team understands this process and will work hard to help you! Contact Melton Automotive to learn more about conversion – we’ve worked on many fleet vehicles over the years and will understand yours.

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