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Why Wheel Alignment Is So Important

A wheel alignment service is a relatively simple but important type of auto repair that ensures vehicles track as they should while on the road. Road hazards and worn parts can cause wheels to become misaligned, which can create many problems while driving. Unfortunately, people tend to ignore the importance of having a technician check and adjust the alignment as necessary. Here’s why wheel alignment is so important for your car and safety.

Aligned Wheels Maintain a Straight Path

When wheels are misaligned, they don’t have the same configuration on your vehicle. One or more wheels might have different camber or toe settings that change your vehicle’s wheel alignment. A misaligned wheel affects the tire’s contact patch and its effect on traction and handling. The alignment problem often causes cars to pull to one side, which could cause you to drift into another lane or off the road and cause an accident. An alignment helps ensure your vehicle travels along a naturally straight and safe path.

Misaligned Tires Wear Faster

When you have an alignment problem, the tires don’t wear evenly. Tires mounted on misaligned wheels often wear one side of the tread faster. The misalignment accelerates tire wear and tear, which raises the potential for tire failure while you’re driving. If it fails at a bad time, you might cause an accident due to the worn tire. Aligning the wheels evens out the wear and tear while improving traction and handling, which enables your tires to last longer.

Suspension Systems Degrade Quickly

The suspension system on your car might wear out faster if one or more wheels are misaligned. Tie rod ends and ball joints might suffer excessive stress due to the misalignment, which causes those parts to wear out faster. Most auto repair shops can fix a damaged suspension system, but it can be costly. If the wheels are still misaligned, the suspension will degrade quickly and require more work until you get the wheels aligned.

Did you know that, according to Zippia, roughly 923,000 Americans work in motor vehicles and parts manufacturing? It’s important to pick a professional who knows the importance of wheel alignment. You can call or visit our auto repair facility to learn more about wheel alignment services and have yours checked and adjusted. The team at Melton Automotive looks forward to assisting you!

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