brake failure

Brake Failure Indicators

One of the scariest scenarios that can happen to a driver is brake failure. You do NOT want to be driving down a steep hill and all-of-a-sudden lose your ability to stop.
As such, if you’re a car owner you should always be on the lookout for signs of brake failure, including the following:
If you put your foot on your brake pedal and it starts to vibrate or shake, your rotors are most likely warped, and you should head to a mechanic ASAP.
Squealing of Brakes
This warning sign can potentially be missed if you drive with your windows up, a/c on and stereo blaring, so try to make a point to roll your windows down and switch off your air/music every once and a while. The squealing can also be soft at first but the louder it gets, the worse shape your brakes are in. Be sure that the squealing is persistent though since sometimes a noise similar to mild squealing can come about after a rain storm or carwash.
Grinding Brakes
When you push on your brake pedal and you hear a deep grinding, this is a clear indicator that your brake pads are damaged or worn beyond safety limits and need to be replaced quickly.
ABS Light On
There are several reasons that your ABS light may come on at odd times, including having metal particles in the brake system or complete brake system failing. Either way, this is an obvious indicator that something is wrong.
Brake Pedal Touching Floor
One potential problem with your brake system is that it may start to lose fluid and fluid pressure, allowing you to push the brake pedal all the way to the floor. This is a possible indicator of a leak in your brake system.
Brakes Grabbing
While you are driving and if you ever feel your vehicle pull to one side or another when you apply your brakes, this may be an indicator of your car’s brake lining wearing unevenly or in need of a complete flush of the brake fluids.
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