3 Signs Your Car Needs Engine Repair

Every vehicle will need car repairs at some point in time. But the type of repairs that a vehicle needs can vary based on the mileage of your car, how well maintained your car is, and the driving conditions your vehicle is subject to. One of the types of repairs that you may need at some point in time is engine repair. Learning what the signs are that indicate an issue with your engine can help you to understand when you need to bring your vehicle to a mechanic. Read on to learn more about these signs.

1. You Hear Knocking Noises When Driving Your Vehicle

One of the signs that your car may need an engine repair is a knocking sound. If you hear a knocking or banging sound coming from the front of your vehicle as your vehicle is being operated, there may be an issue with your engine bearings. It is important to repair this issue as soon as it develops, as it can worsen and lead to needing a new engine.

2. Your Car is Emitting Discolored or Excessive Exhaust Smoke

If your car is emitting discolored or excessive exhaust smoke, there may be an issue with your engine or the exhaust system on your vehicle. This issue is typically noticeable when you first start the car, or when you step on the gas after sitting at a traffic light.

3. Your Check Engine Lights Illuminates

The most obvious sign that your car needs car repairs is the check engine light lighting up. Unfortunately, once this happens, it can be hard to determine what the issue is. A professional mechanic can run a diagnostic test on your vehicle and determine why the light is on and what types of repairs are needed. The light can come on for something as simple as needing your spark plugs replaced to something as complex as internal engine failure.

According to Zippia, there were 9.2 million US vehicles produced in 2021 alone. And as each of these cars is used and starts to age, the vehicles may need car repairs. If you notice one or more of the signs listed above, then your vehicle likely needs work done on the engine. As soon as these signs are spotted, you should bring your vehicle to a mechanic. When you need repairs made to your automobile, we can help. Call Melton Automotive to schedule an appointment today.

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