car battery

Is It Time For A New Car Battery?

Car batteries are one of the most important components of a vehicle’s engine. It must provide the electricity to start your car and power your accessories. Without a working battery, you’re going nowhere. But how do you know when it’s time for a new car battery?

You should always have an one of our certified technicians take a look at the battery as part of a thorough vehicle inspections. Heat, cold, and temperature swings can affect the battery’s performance, so check your battery at the change of seasons.

Watch for warning signs, including:
-Fraying cables
-Corrosion on the terminals
-Trouble starting your vehicle

An average car battery usually has a lifespan of 3-5 years. Keep track of the age of your battery and have it tested more frequently as it gets older. We recommend keeping the vehicle’s maintenance records for all services, including purchasing a new battery. Our technicians will also keep track of the maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

Between routine inspections, periodically check the battery yourself at home. Look for fraying cables, corrosion, and white or green powdery substance on the battery itself. Battery acid is very corrosive. If you find evidence of a leak, including the powder-like corrosion at the terminals, bring your vehicle and battery into Melton Automotive.

Our technicians will inspect your battery to determine if the corrosion can be cleaned and the leak fixed. If the damage is severe enough, your vehicle may be due for a new battery.

Even young batteries can be damaged in the summer heat we’ll be getting soon here in Alabaster. Don’t be left high and dry on the side of the road. Keeping track of your battery’s age, watching for warning signs, and regular inspections can help you ensure your vehicle has the power it needs to keep you safe on the roads in Shelby County.