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5 Signs You Need a Diesel Engine Service

Diesel vehicles are wonderful investments that can be beneficial for both commercial and personal use. Getting the most out of this investment, however, will be highly dependent on your care and maintenance of the diesel engine. Let’s look at a few signs that your vehicle is in need of diesel engine service.

1. Oil Sludge

Oil sludge is usually a significant sign that your engine has issues. You will see oil sludge on the dipstick or fill cap. This sludge is made up of wasted oil, grime, and coolants. It indicates that the engine’s components are not being sufficiently lubricated. If you see this dark residue on buildup, you’re in need of diesel engine service. This problem will interfere with the performance of the engine and can then also cause more problems down the road, including fuel consumption and even power loss.

2. Metal Shavings

Another sign your engine is in need of service would be metal shavings. You’ll find these shavings in your engine’s oil. This can be caused by a lack of proper lubrication and the resulting friction that then builds up between components. You should know that this is a serious problem that will require quick action. The shavings will be carried throughout the engine and can cause damage to other parts of your vehicle.

3. Increased Oil or Coolant Consumption

Increased oil or coolant consumption is also a warning sign that your diesel engine needs service. This can be caused by several different things, so it’s best to simply have a diesel mechanic inspect the vehicle for you as soon as possible so that you can get the issue resolved quickly.

4. Too Much Exhaust

If you notice the vehicle producing too much exhaust, it could be a signal of a problem. The color of the exhaust is important as blue means the engine is burning oil, and white could mean that the coolant has leaked into the engine. Both of these are serious issues that will need to be addressed by a qualified diesel mechanic.

5. Too Much Time Since Last Service

If your diesel vehicle hasn’t been in for service in a while, it’s time to go in. The quality of the diesel engine performance is going to entirely depend on the maintenance. If you want to get a lot of years of great service from your engine, be sure to stay on top of maintenance tasks.

These are just a few signs your vehicle may need service. According to Zippia, in 2022, the total value of the US car and automobile manufacturing market was $100.9 billion. If you’re looking for a reliable diesel mechanic in your area, please contact Melton Automotive today.

What You Need to Know About CNG Conversions

Many cars, trucks, and vans are produced every year, some of which might need compressed natural gas(CNG). After all, according to Zippia, about 9.2 million US cars are produced every year. Converting them to cleaner gas might provide many unique benefits. Compressed natural gas burns much cleaner than regular gas, making it better for the environment. Here is what you need to know about this conversion.

Conversion Requires Work

Completely converting your vehicle isn’t an overnight process. Expect to change your fuel take, your engine, and even more! The benefits here are huge – decreased fuel costs, cleaner fuel burns, and lower maintenance bills – but it takes time and effort to complete conversion.

The price isn’t going to be cheap, but it is affordable considering the benefits. Expect conversion to take at least a week – potentially longer if the parts take a while to arrive. It’s worth it, though, when your engine runs smoothly and with minimal waste issues.

Experts Who Can Help

Don’t just contact your dealer to get a CNG conversion – they might look at you like you have something weird growing out of your forehead! Instead, you must contact a conversion specialist. We get it, they’re not exactly available everywhere. But working with one is worth the effort.

Just imagine trying to convert a vehicle yourself – removing the engine, its fuel lines, and other steps are rather complex, to put it mildly. Even expert dealer mechanics might balk at conversion and kindly ask you to leave their shop. Expertise is key here – your vehicle deserves it!

Fleet Vehicles for Conversion

Conversion isn’t right for every fleet vehicle – and that’s putting it mildly! Only vehicles suitable for natural gas conversion should be considered. We’re talking specialized trucks, hauling equipment, and mechanical equipment. Why shouldn’t you convert traditional cars, trucks, and vans?

It’s not that you can’t – it’s just a little pricey. Furthermore, the benefits aren’t as noticeable on these small vehicles. Put simply – only high-performing mechanical vehicles react well to this conversion.

CNG conversion remains a challenging topic, one that requires a careful approach. Don’t get discouraged! Our team understands this process and will work hard to help you! Contact Melton Automotive to learn more about conversion – we’ve worked on many fleet vehicles over the years and will understand yours.

4 Fluids That Regularly Need to Be Changed in a Volkswagen

You may find it hard to avoid bringing your Volkswagen to a local auto shop when it breaks down. For example, many vehicle fluids must be replaced regularly, specifically by a trusted professional. It’s best to talk to your Volkswagen dealer or mechanic about the following fluids to ensure that you get them replaced on a schedule that makes sense for you.

1. Oil Change

Did you know that, according to Nerd Wallet, the average vehicle needs its oil changed every 5,000 to 7,500 miles? That’s true of your Volkswagen, so make sure that you pay attention to this change rate to ensure you keep your strong. Your mechanic should place a sticker on your windshield that tracks your oil usage, so make sure you check it regularly to change the oil at the right time.

2. Brake Fluid

Brake fluid keeps your brakes strong and minimizes wear and tear issues. It’s regarded amongst Volkswagon drivers that you should change your brake fluid after 10,000 miles and then every 20,000 miles after. You can also schedule it based on years. For example, even if you don’t drive your car for 10,000 miles in its first year or 20,000 miles in two years, you can still change the oil at these milestones.

3. Transmission and Steering Fluid

Transmission and steering fluids typically need changing around the same time to keep these parts operating smoothly. Take your Volkswagen to an auto shop to have it replaced every 50,000 miles. According to BlauParts, that information should help you time your maintenance properly. If you’ve never changed these fluids and your car has over 50,000 miles, change them ASAP.

4. Engine Coolant

Without proper coolant maintenance, your Volkswagen’s engine may start running too hot and cause serious issues with its operation. You’ll likely notice your car running hot if you detect a sweet scent or experience a lack of heat when using the heater. Typically, you must change your coolant at least once every three to four years or as needed, which varies depending on the model.

Don’t forget to ask your Volkswagen auto shop to check your window washer fluid to get it changed quickly and efficiently. It’s often a great idea to change all your fluids at once to ensure they’re handled properly and safely. Please don’t hesitate to contact Melton Automotive today to learn how we can protect your vehicles and keep them running smoothly and efficiently.

4 Questions to Ask Your Car Repair Shop

The nation’s auto industry produces great vehicles that run very well when maintained properly. However, all cars eventually need repairs due to accidents, parts wearing out, and other causes. Most people have lots of options for choosing a maintenance and repair facility. In fact, according to Zippia, the U.S. auto industry employs about 923,000 workers. Here are four questions you should ask to find a good car repair shop to service your vehicles.

1. How Experienced Are Your Technicians?

You should make sure an automotive facility has experienced technicians and good diagnostic equipment. Experienced technicians will know how to use diagnostic computers and tools to determine what’s wrong with your vehicle and fix it when needed. They also should be able to provide routine maintenance and inspect your brakes, cooling system, and other mechanical systems to see if any need preventive maintenance.

2. Can You Work on My Make and Model?

Some automotive shops specialize in particular makes and models of vehicles. You should make sure yours is one that they can maintain and repair. The car repair shop should have diagnostic equipment, tools, and parts that will work on your vehicle. The shop also should have technicians who are experienced at working on the same vehicle for other people and are very familiar with its mechanical systems.

3. How Long Will Repairs Take?

Not having your everyday vehicle can be a nightmare. Carpooling with coworkers or getting a ride from family can be the worst part of the day. Asking your car repair shop how long the process will take should be one of your top priorities. Asking this allows you to make changes and adapt your schedule to the shop’s updates and progress.

4. Does Your Shop Have Up-to-Date Technology?

Cars and technology and constantly evolving. In the past, the latest digital technology was never needed with a new car. With modern vehicles having such a high level of software and tech, it’s required a good car repair shop has the highest level of software as well. Make sure you find a car repair shop that stays up to date with the latest technology trends and equipment fit for your vehicle.

Are you looking for a reliable, trustworthy auto repair shop? Choose Melton Automotive. You can call or visit our car repair shop to learn more about our services.

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How to Find Quality Diesel Service

Diesel vehicles are a big investment, and when used for commercial purposes, they’re also an important part of a business’s success. Keeping these engines in good working order is crucial to the functionality and longevity of the vehicle. Diesel vehicles require specialized maintenance and repairs from skilled diesel mechanics. Here are a few tips on how to find quality diesel service near you.

Get Recommendations

Your first step in finding a reliable diesel mechanic will be to ask for recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues. Word-of-mouth advertising is still one of the most dependable ways to find services in your area. You’ll be able to get first-hand information from people who have already worked with the professional before.

Read Online Reviews

Online reviews are also a great way to find reliable service providers for diesel vehicles. Make sure you’re reading reviews from reputable sources. Google Reviews and Yelp are both great places to start. This will give you the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to customer service and quality of work.

Research Qualifications

It’s also important to research the qualifications of the professionals working on your vehicles. Diesel mechanics should be properly trained, certified, and licensed if required in your area. Don’t be shy about asking to see proof of these qualifications. You want to make sure that only qualified individuals are working on your vehicles.

Look For Proven Experience

You should also ask about the experience level of the staff at the diesel service you’re considering. Diesel vehicles come in multiple types. You need to make sure that the shop you’re working with is qualified to work on your specific type of vehicle.

Look For Modern Software and Technology

Today’s diesel vehicles are highly technical and often utilize high-tech software. You want mechanics who are comfortable working with the necessary technology. Look for advanced computer diagnostics and up-to-date equipment. If you have any doubts about the equipment or software being used, make sure you ask.

It’s estimated that 923 thousand Americans work in the motor vehicles and parts manufacturing industry, according to Zippia. When it comes to your vehicles, you want the right diesel professionals for the job. Melton Automotive is the team you can trust to take good care of your vehicle. Give us a call for your diesel service needs.

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt Auto Repairs Yourself

If you have any experience (no matter how small) with auto repair, you might be tempted to try it out on your current vehicle to save yourself time and money. That’s understandable, but it is a big mistake that you can’t afford to make. Unfortunately, we’ve seen far too many people make this error and cost themselves serious money. Here’s what you need to know about this concern.

High Risk Mistakes

Did you know that, according to Zippia, the total value of the US and car manufacturing market was $100.9 billion? Or that the repair industry is worth a similar amount? That’s because professional auto manufacturing and repair are critical services that can’t be replaced by amateurs. After all, you wouldn’t build your own car when experts can do it for you, so why would you risk it with repairs?

Potential Vehicular Failure

People who try auto repair on their own often find out rather quickly that this process is far harder than they expected. That’s because DIY repairs are more likely to cause a higher risk of vehicular failure. For example, you might find that your engine quits on you unexpectedly or that new upgrades fall off your car as it runs. Getting expert help can reduce this risk.

Larger Repair Bills

Here’s the thing about trying out DIY repairs yourself: most cause bigger repair bills. How is that possible when you’re cutting out the expense of mechanic work hours? Well, when you make mistakes on your upgrades and damage your vehicle, you’ll have to hire someone else to do it for you. That’s an issue you can easily avoid by simply getting an expert to help you.

Warranty Issues

Here’s something you might not know: working on your car yourself might invalidate your warranty. If yours is still active and you try fixing it without the help of a licensed mechanic, any problems your car experiences after won’t be covered by the warranty. As a result, any of the damage caused by your repairs will require you to pay for them instead of your warranty.

So while it might be tempting to try to do auto repair yourself in an attempt to save money, it’s simply not a smart choice. You’re more likely to cause serious problems and affect the quality of your vehicle for years to come. Thankfully, we’re here to help. Call Melton Automotive to learn more about the different ways that our team can help keep your car running smoothly and effectively.

Why Tire Rotations Are Essential

If you own a vehicle, you understand the importance of regular maintenance at your local auto shop. One of the top things you should do is stay on top of your tire rotations. Rotating your tires helps to not only extend their life but also improve your driving safety. Here are some reasons why such rotations are a must.


Do you want to keep spending money replacing your tires faster than needed? Of course not. According to Zippia, in 2022, the total value of the US car and automobile manufacturing market was $100.9 billion. A part of that revenue must come from tires since it’s a needed part of a car. With the right care, you won’t have to spend money more than necessary. Preventing uneven wear on your tires helps them last as long as possible. Plus, you’ll help the environment by not wasting more rubber than necessary.

Excessive Wear

When you maneuver a car, all of your tires don’t experience the same weight and pressure. Each tire has a different amount of friction and stress depending on the driving conditions you’re in and their position on the car. The best way to ensure even wear is with regular tire rotation at an auto shop so that each tire can experience similar levels of friction over time.

Fuel Efficiency

When tires become worn down, it costs you more money in tire purchases and causes your car to work harder. If your car has to work harder, it burns more gas. The more gas it burns, the more money you have to spend filling up your tank. In addition, you’ll also lower your emissions by keeping your tires in good shape so that it’s not burning so much gas with each drive. A fuel-efficient car means you’ll be helping the environment because of those fewer emissions.

Smooth Driving

Have you ever had a bumpy ride in your car? It’s not a lot of fun, is it? Unfortunately, when your tires become uneven in terms of their wear, you’ll experience noise and vibrations as you drive. Plus, those bumps will get even worse on certain terrain or weather conditions. It can make you uncomfortable as well as begin to disorientate you.

Rotating your tires is a must for a safe and efficient drive. Even tires produce a smooth ride, burn less gas, and save money in a few ways. If you need help rotating your tires, come on into our local auto shop at Melton Automotive today.

3 Signs Your Car Needs Engine Repair

Every vehicle will need car repairs at some point in time. But the type of repairs that a vehicle needs can vary based on the mileage of your car, how well maintained your car is, and the driving conditions your vehicle is subject to. One of the types of repairs that you may need at some point in time is engine repair. Learning what the signs are that indicate an issue with your engine can help you to understand when you need to bring your vehicle to a mechanic. Read on to learn more about these signs.

1. You Hear Knocking Noises When Driving Your Vehicle

One of the signs that your car may need an engine repair is a knocking sound. If you hear a knocking or banging sound coming from the front of your vehicle as your vehicle is being operated, there may be an issue with your engine bearings. It is important to repair this issue as soon as it develops, as it can worsen and lead to needing a new engine.

2. Your Car is Emitting Discolored or Excessive Exhaust Smoke

If your car is emitting discolored or excessive exhaust smoke, there may be an issue with your engine or the exhaust system on your vehicle. This issue is typically noticeable when you first start the car, or when you step on the gas after sitting at a traffic light.

3. Your Check Engine Lights Illuminates

The most obvious sign that your car needs car repairs is the check engine light lighting up. Unfortunately, once this happens, it can be hard to determine what the issue is. A professional mechanic can run a diagnostic test on your vehicle and determine why the light is on and what types of repairs are needed. The light can come on for something as simple as needing your spark plugs replaced to something as complex as internal engine failure.

According to Zippia, there were 9.2 million US vehicles produced in 2021 alone. And as each of these cars is used and starts to age, the vehicles may need car repairs. If you notice one or more of the signs listed above, then your vehicle likely needs work done on the engine. As soon as these signs are spotted, you should bring your vehicle to a mechanic. When you need repairs made to your automobile, we can help. Call Melton Automotive to schedule an appointment today.

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What Happens When You Neglect to Get an Oil Change?

There are a lot of things you need to do to keep your vehicle running smoothly. The main thing is to get gas – you can’t get anywhere without gas. Well, there are electric cars now, but for the most part, you need gas. You also need to make sure your tire pressure is where it should be. But oil? Yes, it’s really necessary to get an oil change. How often should you do this? According to Nerd Wallet, you should get an oil change every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. What would happen if you didn’t do that? The damage might sneak under the radar and you wouldn’t know until it was too late. Here are some consequences:

You Can Severely Damage Your Engine

When you’re driving around, oil is what keeps your engine running smoothly. It’s a lubricant that keeps the parts from grinding against each other. If there is no oil to prevent that from happening, then those parts do grind against each other. As a result, you can have a lot of problems, including having your engine regularly halt. You don’t want to have that happen in a situation like being in the middle of a highway.

You Can Reduce the Resale Value

If you have a vehicle that’s been damaged due to your not getting an oil change, then that will significantly lower how much money you get when you sell it. The buyer is going to have to spend more money to get a new engine, among other things. If you keep up with your changes in oil, you can improve the chances of getting more money when you do sell.

You Can Void Your Vehicle’s Warranty

When you buy your vehicle, you will get a warranty. That warranty is valid only if you drive properly and also maintain your vehicle. Not getting an oil change constitutes improper care and can void the warranty, so if you have to get repairs, you will have to pay out of pocket. That’s an expensive thing for you to forget. Make sure that you regularly check your oil levels and have it changed when it gets low.

It’s important to get an oil change whenever necessary. It’s just a quick trip to the auto shop. You can often just take it to your dealership. By scheduling preventative maintenance beforehand, you can avoid running into these issues in the future. Are you looking for a local shop to get an oil change? Contact us today!

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5 Things to Look for in a Car Repair Shop

A well-functioning car is essential for most people’s daily lives, and finding a reliable car repair shop is crucial to keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape. With 923,000 people employed in the motor vehicles and parts manufacturing industry in the United States, according to Zippa, there is plenty of options for choosing a mechanic. Here are four key factors to consider when searching for the perfect car repair shop.

1. Reputation and Reviews

Word-of-mouth from colleagues, family members, or co-workers can be a great starting point. Additionally, online reviews and ratings on platforms like Google reviews and Yelp can provide valuable insights into the quality of service a particular shop offers. Look for consistently high ratings and positive feedback from customers with similar repair needs as yours.

2. Experience and Certifications

Look for shops that employ ASE-certified mechanics, as this certification indicates a high level of skill and knowledge in automotive repair. Moreover, it’s always a good idea to inquire about the shop’s experience working with your specific vehicle make and model. A repair shop with a track record of successfully servicing similar cars is more likely to provide you with reliable and efficient service.

3. Transparent Pricing and Estimates

Reputable shops should be willing to provide a detailed, written estimate of the work that needs to be done on your vehicle before they begin any repairs. This estimate should include a breakdown of parts and labor costs and any additional fees. It’s essential to compare estimates from multiple shops to ensure you get a standard price for your required services. However, remember that the most affordable mechanic isn’t always the best – quality service and expertise may come at a slightly higher cost but can save you money over the long term by preventing future issues.

4. Customer Service and Communication

A reputable shop should be willing to answer any questions you have about the repair process and keep you informed about how repairs for your vehicle progress. Excellent customer service also includes providing a clean, comfortable waiting area, offering courtesy vehicles or shuttle service when necessary, and standing behind their work with warranties or guarantees.

5. Choose a Pro Mechanic for Your Used Vehicle

Finding a car repair shop that meets the mentioned criteria ensures that your vehicle remains in its best condition for years. Don’t wait until an emergency occurs. Start researching car repair shops in your area today and experience the difference between owning a used car and knowing you have a trusted mechanic to turn to when needed.

If you’re looking for a car repair shop you can count on, contact Melton Automotive today. We can perform any auto repair service you need to keep your vehicle running safely.