If you struggle to keep your vehicle moving in a straight line, chances are your wheels are out of alignment. From bad roads to potholes and accidental curb hits, threats to your tires and alignment fill the roads you travel.

Even under normal driving conditions, your vehicle needs an alignment check periodically. Misaligned wheels can lead to bigger problems for your vehicle – uneven tire wear means you’ll need to replace your tires sooner, and damage to your suspension leaves your vehicle susceptible to every bump on the road.

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Come to Melton Automotive – our certified technicians will help you determine if you need a two wheel alignment or a four wheel alignment. With the latest equipment, we precisely measure the alignment of each wheel to bring it back to the correct position. Our experts perform a complete inspection, looking for wear or damage to every component affecting steering and suspension.

You’ll leave with full confidence that your wheels are precisely and expertly aligned, your vehicle is in good condition, and you’re ready to hit the road for a smooth and straight drive! Call or stop by Melton Automotive in Alabaster, AL, for your alignment inspection and service: 205.663.6088.